Ecomister Evaporator

wastewater evaporator

The EcoMister Evaporator is a reliable and proven solution for safe and controlled wastewater disposal. It extends the life of evaporation or containment ponds, eliminating the need for additional ones and reducing water treatment costs. By containing contaminants safely, it lowers the risk of storage facility failure. It efficiently manages mine pit water and leachate levels. Being electric or fuel-powered adds versatility.

With the EcoMister Evaporator, trucking and disposal costs are avoided, making it an affordable and eco-friendly option for various industrial applications. Choose this innovative technology for peace of mind and sustainable wastewater management.

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Agricultural sprayers

Turbo-Mist Sprayers ensure continued productivity with features designed to minimize drift, reduce operational costs, lessen ecological impact, and increase yield. Key components include an adjustable air delivery system for accurate chemical dispersion, an offset pump reduction mechanism for consistent pump speed, and a bypass protection to maintain steady spraying pressure. Further innovations include a tank cradling system, an easily controlled electrical and optional hydraulic control system, a top-quality drive line system, a finely tuned regulator system, and a durable frame system to withstand rugged conditions. 

These machines are committed to high performance, durability, and precision to boost productivity and yield.

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Slimline design & engineering

design & engineering

With over forty years of experience under our belt, Slimline provides tailored, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions designed to meet the varied needs of our clients across numerous industries.

Whether it's our top-of-the-line agricultural sprayers, delivering steadfast, uniform results for hardworking farmers, our cutting-edge De-Icing technology ensuring safer roads during winter months, or our industry-leading evaporator systems for sectors as diverse as mining, waste management, power generation, and food processing — we've got you covered.

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