Meet the Slimline Brand Family

Welcome to Slimline Manufacturing. As a celebrated provider of agricultural sprayers and industrial evaporators, we bring over 50 years of excellence, serving from Penticton, British Columbia. Quality, innovation, and client-centric solutions have positioned our Turbomist and EcoMister products globally. 

What sets us apart? Our commitment to collaboration and understanding our clients' unique needs, resulting in tailor-made solutions that elevate operations. Our parts department provides essential support, ensuring optimal functionality of our equipment across various scales of operation. 

At the foundation of our quality products is our passionate, dedicated team. Together with our valued customers, we create an alliance defined by trust, integrity, and shared success. Thank you for choosing Slimline Manufacturing. Join us as we continue to define excellence in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Meet the Slimline Brand Family

Expert Manufacturing Since 1948

Penticton, British Columbia

Ecomister Evaporators

EcoMister Evaporator

next-generation wastewater disposal technology

Slimline manufactures high-performance portable industrial evaporators that extend the life and reduce the operational and environmental costs of tailings ponds, leachate ponds and wastewater evaporation ponds. Safe, durable and economically sustainable, our evaporator solutions have been installed at over 600 worldwide locations.

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Trusted for over 25 years in 600+ Locations Worldwide.

Turbo-mist agricultural sprayers


intelligent agricultural spray technology

Turbo-Mist™ Sprayers are legendary for their precise targeting, drift elimination, fuel, chemical and water savings, and the associated financial and ecological benefits. Of equal importance to our farming clients is the improved yield resulting from properly calibrated, targeted spraying using Slimline’s patented Turbo-Mist airblast technology.

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Trusted For Over 70 Years Across USA And Canada.



Standing behind our products, at the forefront of innovation

It is not enough to understand technology. At Slimline we seek to demonstrate how technology can empower a better world, a more productive farm, a cleaner and safer wastewater containment plant. Understanding the needs and priorities of our customers is at the heart of our mission. At Slimline, we have built a trusted reputation over decades, founded on a progressive approach to customer support and technological performance.

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60 years of growing

Slimline Manufacturing began as The Okanagan Sprayer Company in 1950. Our long and fruitful association with nature and technology began when the nascent company was charged with a request from Canada’s Environment Minister to design and engineer an effective airblast agricultural spraying solution to dramatically improve crop production in the growing market for Canadian fruits and vegetables, chiefly apples at the time.

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Design & Engineering

Slimline leverages more than four decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise to design precise, economical and sustainable solutions for clients in myriad industries. From premium agricultural sprayers that provide reliable, consistent performance to farmers, to De-Icing technology for road safety, to best-in-class evaporator systems for mining, municipal solid waste, power generation and food processing applications.

Slimline Partnerships


Partnerships are the cornerstone of our company. At Slimline, we are committed to cultivating and maintaining trusted partnerships with our network of dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Our dealers range from one to two person organizations to multi-level corporate companies covering many stores in a variety of cities and states.


Depending on the size of the dealership, your products can be serviced directly in the dealer’s shop. Alternatively, in many cases dealers are well equipped with service vehicles and can come to you directly. All of our dealers house a variety of common parts to ensure you are able to keep your Slimline products well-maintained and running in top order with a minimum of downtime.

Every hour is critical and equipment downtime is inconvenient and costly. While we cannot promise that a machine will never break down, we can ensure that our dealers are supported by our very knowledgeable Parts Department. All of our dealers are trained to service your equipment and ensure you are seeing the highest return on your investment.

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