Go to HELP INFO tab, above, to get complete information on how to operate the program

Color codes for the "Gallons Per Minute Box"

Sprayer visual on the left:

Note the sprayer image on your left , if you chose a boom with a tower it will show a tower, otherwise it will show an orchard head. Notice the blue effects representing volume outflow, change as you change nozzles sizes in your calibration, it shows the volume of spray aimed at the target in 4 different quadrants, it is just a visual check to make you notice if you do not have that set up you think you desire. The actual gallons per minute in the colored strip, should be close to the desired gallons per minute to be correct, at least be the green. The yellow warns you to make adjustments, the red is for stop, not acceptable, changes must be made to go forward.

Tip#1: Once you have completed a calibration, and clicked on Optimum pressure to complete, be aware that if you now change the row width, it will leave the speed and gpm the same and merely adjust the pressure, if a higher row width puts the pressure over 200psi, i would recommend you reconfigure the nozzles to start with the narrowest row width with the lowest pressure, say around 80psi, so when you increase the row width , it will give you more range under the 200 psi level before you would have to open more nozzles.

Tip #2: To accomodate wider rows, and keep the pressure within the acceptable range, you may need to add one, two or three extra nozzles, thus it is good to start with say 6 or 7 nozzles, especially if you have a range of 10 ft to 20ft row widths, because that swing can not be handled by pressure along.