This program online has been developed with Turbomist specific booms (in addition to some generic booms for others not lucky enough to own a Turbomist.)

From the sprayer boom selection, as a Turbomist owner you have the choice of 10 Turbomist specific booms

The ones you may find the most helpful will be the 13/7 Turbomist or the 13/6 Turbomist. These two automatically turn off every other nozzle to leave only 7 or 6 nozzles, often the concentrate will use the 6 nozzles and the dilute the 7 nozzles or even just add the output to achieve the highest coverage desired.

There are also many specific tower booms covering all sizes and types

For example: if you use the 13/6 TM boom to calculate 50 gpa for one concentrate selection and the 13/7 boom for 100 gpa, a second selection, you can open all nozzles and have 150 gpa for dilute, assuming you make sure you are using the same pressure for both the 50 and 100 gpa setups.

That is if you use 125 psi for the 50 gpa and 12 ft row, and 125psi for the 100gpa on a 12 foot row, you can then use all to get 150gpa on that same 12 ft row at that same 125PSI

This is often the target I try to achieve; it gives you three calibrations for each row width by choosing the correct nozzles for each of the 50 and 100gpa calibrations. This is the type of thing you will find you can do once you get familiar with the program over time. Some people will never have a need for this but if you do, just realize there is a lot of power in this program, and most important, it allows you to shape the coverage on the target, in effect stimulating tree row volume without all the complication.

Hopefully you will find this is a good complement to your purchase, an as always, we are available on a toll free number, 1 800 495 6145 to assist you should you incur challenges with the program or your

Bob McIntyre